A Message From Our President


We’re so proud to let you know how lucky we are as to the turn of events in our association. 

To keep you posted, the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) recognized and approved our existence since March 2009. From there on we have been taking it slow to avoid the same disappointing result that happened early in the past.

I am making reference when a group of our early residents filed petitions against our developer in 2004 to 2005 for the right to operate and maintain our own subdivision. The group won, but the case was lost in the same court due to lack of juridical personality or for lack of certification from the regulating agency as legitimate homeowners association. That incident gives us chills to caution in any future move against our developer.

Presently, we have been very active in so many ways in moving forward and to be transparent to all activities we undertake to ensure that we gain your trust. We are sending our friendly amendments on our bylaws for HLURB’s approval to clarify any questionable stipulations, to update and remove any cloud in our mind in addressing the things we thought are not for the best interest of our members. We re-visited and updated our Security, Maintenance and Construction Guidelines so that appropriate directions / instructions are clear and consistently applied to affected parties. Violators to our guidelines are counselled, warned, apprehended or fined reasonably to avoid repetition of the same infraction.

One of our biggest challenges to reach you wherever you may be is to set-up our first time Association Website. Now that it is active, you can get in touch with us, check the recent and present minutes of meetings, or even vote electronically if you are away and unavailable during election, all of which are thoroughly discussed in our amended bylaws. The best of all, if you have questions, concerns, issues, or comments on how we could improve ourselves, you could let us know by contacting us by email, by posting them in the website, or by calling us in our official phone numbers; we would certainly respond adequately with the best information available.

In return to all of this effort, what we would like to ask from you is to support our association and help us continue our work in serving our members. We believe each and every one of us (homeowners and lot owners) have the common interest in finding ways to fulfill our association’s main objectives - to manage, operate and maintain our own subdivision and, consequently to improve the quality of life and well-being of its members.

Sincerely yours,

Ray Bautista, HOA President for 2013 to 2015